Heather Gardens is a senior living community in Aurora of about 4,000 residents occupying more than 2,400 units. Most of the units are owned by the residents, although some are available for lease.

Heather Garden’s “birth date” was January 23, 1973 when a Declaration of Condominium was filed with the Colorado Secretary of State by Environment Developers Inc. (EDI). That organization was the early planner, developer and manager of the community.

For 14 years, Heather Gardens was home to earth movers, landscapers and construction crews, as well as residents, in a steadily growing complex. In June, 1986, the last building–the 3-story Omega–was opened for occupancy and sod was laid on the last patch of bare ground.

Following provisions in the Declaration, EDI turned over control of the Heather Gardens Association (HGA) to the homeowners on January 23, 1983. Since that date, the affairs of the association have been governed by a 9-member Board of Directors, elected annually by the property owners for a 3-year staggered term.

At that time, EDI retained ownership of the Golf Course, Clubhouse, Maintenance Shops, RV Lot and perimeter land. In 1983, the home owners voted to form the Heather Gardens Metropolitan District (HGMD). $2.5 million in bonds were issued to finance the purchase from EDI of this land and properties.

HGMD has its own board of 5 elected directors. All registered voters vote in HGMD elections. Therefore, Heather Gardens has two governing bodies, whose relationship has been covered by a series of Management Agreements:

  • HGA, an association of individual unit owners, with management control over the community.
  • HGMD, a quasi-government of owners and other residents, holds title to the Golf Course, Clubhouse, Maintenance Shops, RV Lot and other common areas.

During Heather Gardens first 10 years, population and number of units grew dramatically: 1,007 units established by 1978 and 2006 by 1983. In 1987, with completion of the Omega Building, HG reached its current total of 2,426 units. A 2008 census showed a population of 3,265 residents.

Since 1983 many improvements have been introduced, including the Linvale sidewalk, Administration office expansion, a Picnic Pavilion, a new maintenance facility, weatherproofing of all high rise buildings, vinyl sidings and concrete tile roofs for Country Places, and improved lighting in common areas. Other improvements include new entrance signs and replacement of wooden pickets and rails on nine of twelve 6-story buildings.

In 1990, the golf course well was re-drilled, the ponds were relined, and the maintenance facility was built using funds from a $1.2 million bond issue.

Ground was broken in April 2011, using funds from a $9.2 million bond issue for the new Clubhouse and Administration office. The new building opened on April 20, 2012.