Cherry Creek State Park Offers Volunteer Opportunities


Many residents of Heather Gardens find fun, fellowship, and satisfaction serving as volunteers.

For outdoor enthusiasts looking for volunteer positions that will get them off the sofa and into the outdoors, they need look no farther than Heather Gardens’ own backyard, at Cherry Creek State Park.

Located immediately west of Heather Gardens, Cherry Creek State Park is Denver’s largest and most popular playground. It features a large reservoir with a marina as well as more than a dozen outdoor activities as diverse as boating, horseback riding and cross-country skiing. There’s even a dog park.

Cherry Creek State Park offers Heather Gardens residents a number of ways to volunteer. A recent online listing of volunteer openings at the park included park naturalist, park ambassador, resident volunteer to handle a variety of support functions, and a special projects volunteer.

To learn more about the park and current volunteer opportunities, visit the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website,