Photo: RTD Denver Flickr

Train testing for the Regional Transportation District’s new R line is underway. RTD says the timetable for starting service has been pushed back from December to an unspecified date in 2017.

The R Line’s Iliff Station, east of I-225 at Iliff Avenue and Blackhawk Street, will be within several blocks of Heather Gardens. For those who drive to the station, the parking structure, currently under construction, will accommodate 600 vehicles.

The R Line is a 10.5 mile extension of rail line from the existing Nine Mile station north to the University of Colorado A Line to Denver International Airport. The R Line also will provide connections to the H, E and F rail lines. For more information on fares and schedules, visit http://www.rtd-denver.com/r-line.shtml

Part of RTD’s integrated testing process includes running a light rail train under its own power. As RTD Public Relations Sr. Manager Nate Currey explains, “Before we open the line for service, we test all the elements of the rail system to verify that the construction produced a safe and reliable operating rail line. This will include testing of the train and traffic equipment at all the crossings and intersections within the city of Aurora.”